About Company

PROCHIP – is an independent subdivision of PROSOFT Company, specialized in electronic components distribution. A new outstanding brand inspired by fresh ideas has maintained the best PROSOFT traditions: guaranteed quality of products, world-class manufacturers, accurate and prompt fulfillment of orders. Our supply program currently includes — a wide range of electronic components from leading global manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Integrated circuits and modules;
  • Sensors and physical quantity converters;
  • Ultra-high frequency transmit-receive equipment;
  • LEDs and optoelectronic components;
  • LCD, EL, OLED - panels;
  • Ferromagnetic cores;
  • Power supplies;
  • Electromechanical components and connectors;
  • Digital semiconductors;
  • Semiconductor materials.

The large variety of products makes it possible to choose hardware components both for creation of innovative products and for completing mass-produced devices. Some of the products are supplied under exclusive terms.

PROCHIP has a constantly renewed warehouse; thereby the company is able to fulfill orders within the shortest time possible. Our regular customers enjoy a scheduled procurement and warehouse product reservation system. Qualified help in choosing proper hardware components as well as technical  assistance and information support at all project stages is guaranteed to the customer by our expert team. Due to the development of branch offices network, the customers all over Russian Federation and CIS can benefit from the high quality level of PROCHIP products and services.